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Search Marketing 201

Have you ever wondered why some people are at the top of the Google search engine and why your website is not? The key to learning how to make money online is effectively researching the web marketing niche. What do people know that you don’t and why are they successfully getting visitors to their website while your site is dead in the water?

The answer to this question is fairly simple. The people that are at the top of the search engines know things that you don’t, things that when utilized properly end up resulting in huge profits and loads of targeted optimized search engine traffic.

Sure we all want to make money online without having to lift a finger, but only the truly crafty internet marketers have found a way to do this effectively without failing. People like me have been dominating internet niches since before you were born and we will continue to do so long after you decide to quit. There are many services that can help you build a reputation on the web but to be truly effective you might need to read the appropriate information before you get started.

Reading a plastic surgery before and after or summary might point you in the right direction. Beyond that you must be willing to commit the time effort and energy that it takes to build an internet empire consisting of a solid web of websites that work in cooporation to make money online.

In addition, if your websites aren’t targeting profitable niches like plastic surgery before and after you might already be headed in the wrong direction. Keep in mind that there are many facets to completing an effective search engine marketing or SEO campaign, most things are centered around building links and making sure to use the appropriate keywords like, boob jobs, liposuction, breast augmentation, residual income, making money online etc… If you can find the search terms that people are most interested in and then provide content that truly assists those people, you can reap the profits of the income that is generated from their activities.

Only the truly ambitious are able to capitalize fully on residual income streams and build a business empire that is not only sustainable but expandable to an infinite level. Websites are great in the sense that they don’t require much capital investment and that investment can be made back extremely quickly.

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Free games online

Games were always popular on the internet and now more and more games are online and free for the people to use. Most of these free gaming sites are very popular and new are coming up all the time. So the question arises. Why a webmaster will build such a site. As always the answer is simple. Money. Because these websites become quite popular very fast especially with some kind of advertising promotion their repeating visitors user base is growing fast. The result is thousands and thousands of hits every time and this easily converts to clicks and money for the webmaster.

On the other side building such a website is not very easy except if you buy a commercial package with thousands of free games. But doing this you are competing with a thousand other websites that are using this software as well. This is not good in the eyes of the search engine bots because of duplicate content and other issues.

Talking about return of investment for such websites to my knowledge is very low or in some cases very late. With all this competitions this kind of websites cannot depend on search engine traffic and must rely on paid advertisement. Until the user base will grow large enough the return of investment is poor. An example of such a website you can find to the following link. Free games online.

By taking a look in his alexa stats we can easily see that this site is new and search engines just started to index it.

Let’s wish it good luck!

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Link Building is very crucial in search engine optimization. It denotes the process of building external links so that a user browsing a website could easily find more or other relevant info on the same topic by referring to those links. Search engines give due weightage to similar practices and rank such websites higher than ordinary ones.

So, how to get other websites link to your website? Well, one way to achieve that is through directory submissions. There is an assortment of search engine friendly directories available – such as open directory project, MSN and Yahoo – that will be ready to link to your website provided it includes relevant information and confirms with their guidelines and rules of submission. But, care must be taken that you are submitting your website to only relevant directories and to the right categories and not anything in random.

How to Get Better Acceptance in Directory Submission with Website Promotion Software

Another aspect that goes a long way in enhancing acceptance in directories is the way the titles, description and keywords are organized for a web page. Every directory will have their own rules and regulations, and hence web pages must also be organized around such constraints. Regarding descriptions, most directories require it to be short – in the range of 100 – 250 words that may vary from one directory to another – crisp, and to the point. Descriptions that are huge or of ‘beating around the bush’ type are generally showed the door by the directory editors. The same is the benchmark for keywords as well – it needs to be more organized and focused, and not just another group of irrelevant and relevant ones mixed randomly. In that regard, it will be prudent to make a short list of all prospective keywords first before finalizing the most optimal keyword for submission. That will ease the job for you.

Finally, do not spam your directory listings with words being used uncontrollably and insensibly. Directory editors hate such practices and similar applications are rejected outright without any chance for a second consideration. You can use our Increase Website Traffic Software to get more visitors.

Building a visible website

New internet marketers are finding it very hard to get decent search engine placement because of the large increase of people trying for first place. This means simply that any internet marketer, whether new or experienced, will need special tools to become successful.

What is so important about Keywords? Keyword search terms are the most important place to start with. The best internet marketing gurus all say that Micro Niche Finder is the best weapon in your arsenal for this task.

Keywords are not the only thing you need to focus on, to start an internet business. Websites and the Winning edge. If you are going to become a successful promoter online, you’ll need an optimized website design.

You may have seen adsense website templates while surfing the net, as this is a popular way to start making money. If you make a concentrated effort, you will find a variety of made for adsense templates on the internet.

No other means are presently available to get good position in the search engine rankings.

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