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Callaway X22 Irons Review – Positives and Negatives

The Callaway X22 golf iron reviews were named to Golf Digest’s Hot List in the Game Improvement Irons category, and with good reason. These are the rare clubs designed for high handicappers that also are PGA Tour-worthy, as evidenced by the fact that they are in Rocco Mediate’s bag.

This series of clubs is designed to offer both performance and forgiveness. It has a greater concentration of weighting on the perimeter while maintaining the desired center of gravity. That means that off-center hits will fly farther and straighter, and the trajectory on well-hit balls will be high.

It’s also the best looking set of irons from a company that has been accused of offering functional but clunky clubs in the past. The Callaway X22 irons have a thinner topline and a narrow sole, elements usually found in irons designed for low handicappers. There’s also a polycarbonate tip plug that dampens vibrations at the end of the shaft, taking the sting out of mis-hits.

A little touch that many will appreciate is that the club is forgiving while still offering feedback. Hit the ball off the toe or the heel and the ball will still fly straight, but it will feel differently to a perfectly-struck ball, making it easier to correct.

The Callaway X22 irons are easy to like, and a great set for a better golfer who struggles with the irons. It’s the rare set that is forgiving enough for a hacker while also having the features a Tour series, and it’s hard to think of another irons series that could be in the bag of a PGA Tour star like Mediate and the 40-handicap hacker playing alongside him in the pro-am.

It’s not a set for everyone. For starters, it doesn’t contain any hybrids, and many golfers find hybrids a lot easier to hit than even the most forgiving three-iron. There also isn’t a Lob Wedge in the left-handed series, a curious omission. But there are a lot more positives than negatives in this set, which is why it’s become among the top sellers on the market.

Watch The US Open Golf Tournament

US Open, known as United States Open Championship, is an annual golf tournament held every year in the United States. This major tournament is the second of four major championships on the PGA Tour. A unique fact about this particular PGA Tour major is that players advance to a fifth round if two or more players are tied after the fourth round instead of directly going to a playoff. If you know anything about professional golf tournaments, you will realize that the US Open happens to be the only golf tournament where players don’t go directly to playoffs if they are tied beyond the fourth round. Playoffs are only held if one or two players are tied on points after the 5th round. The 5th round is held the following Monday after the tie.

The US Open is a very prestigious tournament watched by millions of viewers across world, and now you can watch the tournament at Actually the field has 156 golf players and almost 50% of these players are wholly exempt from qualifying. In 2011, these players were battling for $1.44 million and the stakes might get higher this year due to the popularity and increased sponsorship associated with the tournament.

This June you can watch US Open golf online anywhere you are if you have an active internet connection. This is possible thanks to websites that stream live golf events. You can watch watch US Open golf online too by simply getting the 2012 us open golf championship App on Apple store. With this landmark technologies there is no good enough reason for any golf fan to miss any of this year’s open.