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The Difference Between Business And Private Web Design

A website is a valuable tool these days and almost everyone needs a website these days whether it is for propagating or sharing ideas or events or for business. A personal website can be in the form of a blog which is a log of events. In fact the name blog is derived from web log or a log put up on the web. Blogs can be hosted or owned privately but they are rather websites where users sign up to post materials in a space provided to each user. There may be people who would rather have their personal postings come up on a personal website rather than in a blog.

Most private websites are very simple, with some information about a hobby, consisting of text and images. They will not have any provision for building a list of customers, nor a method for them to contact the owner or make payments. They will probably have some Google Adsense adverts, which you definitely do not want on a business website – this is very unprofessional.

A website design for a business, on the other hand will be much more complex in design, structure and content. A business website is meant for online business and will need to have all the tools necessary to conduct business over the internet. It will need to have detailed graphic and textual references to products and even videos and flash videos are sometimes put up to illustrate the products effectively. A business website will need to have the prices of products displayed effectively along with conversion tools. There must be tools which customers can use to select products.

Because private and business websites are so different, make sure you get web design companies with business design experience to quote for your business web design.You may need a merchant account of some bank to be attached to it. An example is the “add to cart” feature found on most business websites. It will also need a payment gateway like FirstData, Authorize.Net, CyberSource and VeriSign.

A private website however does not do any business but is used to solely propagate an idea or the image of a person. Celebrities and important people like statesmen, electoral candidates and company CEOs often maintain their own websites to propagate their ideas and to run campaigns. This gives them a way of direct contact with a great number of their in tended audience.

Not surprisingly, therefore, private websites are easy to build than a corporate website design. They do not need to carry the tools like payment gateways and security certificates or ssl. Private websites however have a lot of scope for creativity and graphic design.

These are the major differences between a business and a private website. It is also a lot about attitude. Business websites are completely professional while private websites are much more personal. Also, a business website needs to show the company’s branding, and give the impression that the company is solid and reliable.