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Breakthroughs on How to Get SelfConfidence

Your natural state is to be confident but if you lack self confidence you need to build it up. When you are living with confidence, then you just do what you want, without the fear holding you back

The secret of How to Build Confidence is to be confident is to be comfortable with yourself and who you are, and to have all the skills, knowledge and habits required to do what you want. Life is not a destination, it’s a journey, and you need to feel satisfied with the place you’re at in your journey right now. It’s a journey during which you can expect to learn more, change your priorities and acquire different passions and aspirations. If you’re not changing you’re just standing still. If you’re focusing only on the destination rather than the journey, then you’ll become stressed.

Whatever you choose to do in life will require knowledge, skills and habits. When you have those then you can do those things that are important to you. When you don’t have them you’ll struggle with life and, worse still, you won’t attempt even important things.

Since confidence is a natural state of being, when you lack it, then it becomes an issue.

The gap is what I describe as the difference in your mind between where you believe you are right now and where you believe you should be. Neither of these positions are necessarily realities, they’ve been created, in your mind, by you. The bigger the gap between the two, the more stressed you’re likely to feel, and tension and stress will most certainly undermine your confidence.

Most of us have a stilted view of where we are currently, but this perception can be changed, as can your view of where you want to be. The key is learning to be ‘mindful’ about your daily life so that you become more rooted in the here and now. Rather than slowing you down this process will help to remove distractions and allow you to focus more of your energy on living the life you already have. What’s amazing is that this in itself will boost your confidence.

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Confidence coaching is about helping you bring out this natural confidence with in you. Is is about you, because each of us is different, then what we each need to be confident is different. Read more on How To be Confident.