10 scariest movies

Some Useful Top Lists I Just Created

I just created a few lenses on squidoo, one ranking my top 10 scariest movies ever and the other with some short reviews on the top GPS systems. I recently went on a road trip and honestly probably would never have made it back had it not been for my trusty Garmin! 🙂

Anyway here are the links to the lists…

Top 10 Scariest Movies Ever – Everybody loves a good scary movie. The next time you are in the mood for a freight, just check out my list and take your pick. I watch a lot of movies and even though there have been some great new additions to the horror genre recently (the Saw series among others), you’ll notice that my list is dominated with all the classics. I tried hard to fit in some of the more modern efforts but I couldn’t not include any of those in my top 10. The Silence Of The Lambs is the youngest of the lot and it was released 17 years ago. So come on horror directors/writers, get the finger out! 🙂

Now here is my second lens about GPS systems that will help you to find driving directions quickest. In my opinion in the not too distant future not carrying a quality GPS system will become as rare as not carrying a time piece. More than likely peoples watches will include GPS systems built in.

And if none of this interests you, why not entertain your family and friends and learn card tricks