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Guitar Maintenance Tip #1: Changing Guitar Strings – Replacing your acoustic guitar strings is one thing you should find another person to guide you with once you have never ever done it before. Later on you will learn to do this all by yourself. This will be one of the most common thing you have to do in maintaining your own beginners guitar. In case you decided to buy a new acoustic electric guitar, replacing the guitar strings may be the first thing you need to do. Strings must be replaced almost every 2-3 months. Over this period of time the strings becomes cheap and lost their real sound.

Guitar Maintenance Tip #2: Check the Guitar Screws – You need to make a point to tighten up the entire screws, strap-pins, and tuning machines. Tightening all those necessary components can prevent undesirable background rattling while you play. Additionally, you must try your hardest not to scratch, bump, or ding your beginners guitar. Simple things such as making use of a belt buckle in case you have a strap in your guitar can damage up the back and take the price of your device down.

Guitar Maintenance Guideline #3: Maintaining your guitar Fretboard -the one thing you need to extend the life of the fretboard is a soft clean dry cloth. It is advisable to wipe between the guitar strings and fingerboard thereby effectively lowering the wear for the frets and fretboard. The best enemy of your electric guitar is dirt particles combined with the sweat residue. Make a point of it to clean up before and after using acoustic guitar.

Guitar Maintenance Tip #4: Caring For Guitar Bodies – Acoustic guitar bodies and fingerboards are made of different types of wood. Each kind has its own coefficient of expansion rate so high heat and cooling generates internal stresses once the pieces are glued together. Humidity effects expansion too. Extreme conditions may cause the top part and neck to go up as well as the fingerboard to enlarge. Avoid temperature fluctuations and keep constant humidity, and an easy method is store an individual’s acoustic electric guitar inside the case together with the top closed.

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