How Fleas Could Manifest Additional Health Issues in Kitties

If you have observed your cat scratching a lot lately or have reason to believe you may be experiencing a flea problem make sure you’re aware of the secondary problems fleas can cause. Unfortunately fleas sometimes come with a combination of cat illnesses.

Some cats are allergic to fleas and they may experience an allergic reaction. Fleas may also be a carrier feline worms — specifically feline tapeworm — so a flea infestation in addition to being very uncomfortable may also create a problem with tapeworm.

Once you verify your cat has fleas the most important thing is getting rid of them. Once you have treated for fleas you can treat any other cat health problems the fleas might have produced.

Effective flea treatment involves treating your cat, your home and the outdoor area where your kitty spends time. Since it involves so many spheres you will want to consider all the available treatments. If you have kids, if your pets have reactions to conventional flea treatments or if you don’t like using pesticides you may want to consider a natural flea treatment for your cat.

One of the most common and versatile natural flea treatments is diaomaceous earth, a powder that dehydrates and kills fleas. Diatomaceous earth is safe enough to use directly on your pets, you can also sprinkle it into the carpet, on furniture in your pet’s bedding etc.

If you’re looking for a more traditional method one of the easiest to use is the once a month topical, which is put on your cat’s back between the shoulder blades where she can’t lick it. In addition you will also need to treat your house with something like a flea bomb or flea spray.

Another way to begin eliminating fleas immediately is to vacuum every day and discard the vacuum bag. Vacuum your carpet, your furniture and any place your cat may spend a lot of time in the home.

Always read and follow directions carefully with all flea control methods since they often incorporate ingredients that may be bad for pets and people when not used appropriately.