5 Terrific Things Regarding MacKeeper

The MacKeeper has a great deal to offer Mac customers in terms of protection for their computer in numerous ways. It comes with sixteen different utilities than can assist in keeping computers not just virus free but performing very quickly and smooth at the same time. It is clear to see what MacKeeper can easily do whenever you read the MacKeeper reviews. Here are five things to think about that this ultra powerful computer software can do for you.

Protect You On-line

You won’t have to stress about viruses and malware from being online or from e-mail when you allow MacKeeper to help keep you safe. You get real time protection in addition to virus scanning. Quarantine options and ongoing updates make it a first class anti-virus program.

Anti-theft Utility

One of the truly wonderful utilities which MacKeeper includes is the anti-theft utility. You just install a tracking device on your computer.  If your computer is ever ripped off this tracking device would go to work. If your computer is ripped off then you simply go to the site and sign in. You’ll be able to generate reports and even take a picture of the burglar via your computer. It truly provides you with peace of mind when it comes to theft.

Fast Clean Option

With this option you can eliminate junk files along with other stuff which clutters up computer systems. Duplicate files, excess data, which slows down your computer can be removed. MacKeeper will scan your computer, locate those files and provide you with options to remove them. It helps to keep your computer running at top speed.

Restoring Data

If you mistakenly remove data or files MacKeeper can help you retrieve it. It’s simple to restore unintentionally deleted files. There’s a backup utility which enables you to backup files in the event of an accident or computer problem.

Optimizing Your Computer

The optimization utility can help you keep your computer running at it is best. It allows you to handle things like start up programs and updates instantaneously and with no hassle. The software program is easy to use and requires no professional computer skills. It helps up-date any apps you use like Firefox and if you’ve got programs you don’t wish to automatically update you can blacklist them. It’s another great tool.

Computer Software Like No Other

There’s virtually no program like MacKeeper to keep your Mac safe and virus free. But it goes well beyond being a Mac anti-virus program. It will keep your computer in good shape with the optimization utilities it has. MacKeeper reviews can tell you more so go have a look at all you can. MacKeeper is a program like no other.