The way weddings were

Its amazing that there is so much to converse about on the subject of weddings. I had never considered that a topic that I thought I was familiar with, could be so much bigger than I ever would have imagined.

Wedding ceremonies have undergone amazing changes that would never have considered a few years ago. What was once a basic expectation – the ceremony, usually at a church, and then a wedding reception has seen dramatic change. Couples now experience creative expression that wouldn’t have been dreamed of a few years ago. I mean, 20 years ago you would have wondered how a pair could exchange wedding vows when separated by 2000 miles – but web cams werent a household utility then either.

The values of people have changed to the extent that the wedding itself has morphed into something much different than in the past. The familiar solicitation by the family preacher of the words ’til death do us part’ was the substance of nearly every wedding ceremony. In the present day, marriages are often referred to as “civil unions” because they are accomplished outside of the traditional Church environment. The use of the traditional scripts at the wedding ceremony has given way to more personalized wedding vows in which the bride and groom create their own vows. Basically, the wedding vows declared are completely custom made by the bride and groom, and may or may not be in the spirit of traditional weddings. Some of these wedding vows may not even resemble what could typically pass as a lifetime promise. There was a recent wedding where a celebrity football star made a convincing argument that loving his new bride more than football is not a fair question because they are not the same kinds of love,”

Ok ladies; How would you feel about a vow like that?

Then there are the differing cultures in which marriages are initiated. Such influences may make us wonder why we shouldn’t incorporate them into our own wedding affairs, while others seem too tasteless to even mention.

And then there are some very interesting origins for some wedding customs. One interesting throwback is the bridal shower, where it is thought to have derived in the case of a young bride-to-be who had no dowery. Her friends would “Shower” her with gifts to make up for where she was lacking.

These are all interesting tidbits, but there is more. Sometimes you’ll find that these differences even affect wedding flower arrangements. There are a wide variety of wedding lore, customs amd oddities, and thats what this blog is all about. So, everything imaginable on the subject of matrimony is going to be sought after by the editors of this blog. Everything that will capture our attention will be fair game to talk about. Those of you with marriage on the horizon will definitely want to check back here every so often to see if there are any ideas you might be able to take advantage of.

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