Month: September 2014

Other Choices Apart from Foreclosure and Short Sale

Since the later part of year 2000, the global economy began to feel the meltdown of surprising financial decline.  This led to great unemployment all over the globe and therefore, house owners can’t meet their mortgage obligations.  Therefore the results of non-payment suggests that the banks are foreclosing houses.  The question is, what is better for you – strategic default or selling your house at a low-ball rate?  Both possibilities can have detrimental effects on your credit score, but do you have any other option with the matter? 

Often you are left with just two choices – going into default or short sale.  However, you need to remember that you’re not alone in this struggle.  Financial institutions like Fannie Mae are diligently finding programs to help people under water protect their credit rating.  Aside from that, loan providers ( which are usually the bank ), are offering a deed in lieu alongside a short sale, in which the profits would go to paying the debt incurred.  Programs like HAFA, or Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives, and HAMP, or Home Affordable Modification Program can assist individuals who are facing repossession.  Just keep in mind that if you do nothing, your home will become a bank property and you will be locked out of having another mortgage for approximately 7 years. 

First let us discuss HAFA, and how you can take advantage of it.  To be accepted for HAFA, the debtor ( in this example, the homeowner ) must find a purchaser within 120 days.  The purchaser of the property must then hold the property for 90 days after the deal is closed.  HAFA will shed light on short sale transactions as the homeowner will receive a preapproved short sale terms before the property is even listed.  In this event you have to also realize that an occupied property will have a slightly higher worth than an abandoned property. 

There are lots of foreclosed homes sale in the present market so it’s not actually simple to challenge in the market. Nonetheless it is doable with a little assistance from the professionals who are well informed about this subject which can lead you to find the proper assistance from different establishments.  Strategic default and short sale are not the best options but you have got to choose the lesser of 2 evils.  Having said that , if you can find a customer who will consent to put down an adequate down payment for a rent-to-own lease option, then you may use the money to pay for the mortgage while you get a new home to live in.  This looks to be the better alternative as compared to short sale or foreclosure. 

At the end of the day, having an option won’t limit you to just one or two decisions.  If you are in need of a foreclosure listing site, there are lots of web sites on the web that can help you with that.  In fact , these online lists can offer you premium packages of your preference.  Hardships because of the economy can’t be evaded in the current day’s challenging world, but so long as we have the right information, we are able to mitigate our losses and count ourselves fortunate.  As always, information is ammunition in this digital world that we reside in. 


Watch The US Open Golf Tournament

US Open, known as United States Open Championship, is an annual golf tournament held every year in the United States. This major tournament is the second of four major championships on the PGA Tour. A unique fact about this particular PGA Tour major is that players advance to a fifth round if two or more players are tied after the fourth round instead of directly going to a playoff. If you know anything about professional golf tournaments, you will realize that the US Open happens to be the only golf tournament where players don’t go directly to playoffs if they are tied beyond the fourth round. Playoffs are only held if one or two players are tied on points after the 5th round. The 5th round is held the following Monday after the tie.

The US Open is a very prestigious tournament watched by millions of viewers across world, and now you can watch the tournament at Actually the field has 156 golf players and almost 50% of these players are wholly exempt from qualifying. In 2011, these players were battling for $1.44 million and the stakes might get higher this year due to the popularity and increased sponsorship associated with the tournament.

This June you can watch US Open golf online anywhere you are if you have an active internet connection. This is possible thanks to websites that stream live golf events. You can watch watch US Open golf online too by simply getting the 2012 us open golf championship App on Apple store. With this landmark technologies there is no good enough reason for any golf fan to miss any of this year’s open.

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Breakthroughs on How to Get SelfConfidence

Your natural state is to be confident but if you lack self confidence you need to build it up. When you are living with confidence, then you just do what you want, without the fear holding you back

The secret of How to Build Confidence is to be confident is to be comfortable with yourself and who you are, and to have all the skills, knowledge and habits required to do what you want. Life is not a destination, it’s a journey, and you need to feel satisfied with the place you’re at in your journey right now. It’s a journey during which you can expect to learn more, change your priorities and acquire different passions and aspirations. If you’re not changing you’re just standing still. If you’re focusing only on the destination rather than the journey, then you’ll become stressed.

Whatever you choose to do in life will require knowledge, skills and habits. When you have those then you can do those things that are important to you. When you don’t have them you’ll struggle with life and, worse still, you won’t attempt even important things.

Since confidence is a natural state of being, when you lack it, then it becomes an issue.

The gap is what I describe as the difference in your mind between where you believe you are right now and where you believe you should be. Neither of these positions are necessarily realities, they’ve been created, in your mind, by you. The bigger the gap between the two, the more stressed you’re likely to feel, and tension and stress will most certainly undermine your confidence.

Most of us have a stilted view of where we are currently, but this perception can be changed, as can your view of where you want to be. The key is learning to be ‘mindful’ about your daily life so that you become more rooted in the here and now. Rather than slowing you down this process will help to remove distractions and allow you to focus more of your energy on living the life you already have. What’s amazing is that this in itself will boost your confidence.

If you think you’d like to know more about this subject, please visit the Confidence Blog.

Confidence coaching is about helping you bring out this natural confidence with in you. Is is about you, because each of us is different, then what we each need to be confident is different. Read more on How To be Confident.


Doing Chores For Grandma

Next month we visit my grandmother. I anticipate seeing her, even if she has become a little stubborn in her old age. I won’t embarrass her by divulging her age, but let’s just say she’s a woman with exhaustively seasoned wisdom.

The last time I saw her I brought in my Yamaha PSR keyboard so I could perform some music for her. She enjoyed it, but regrettably since she is not entirely there, she kept disrupting me to inquire of me how to clean her computer. Yes, she actually uses a computer. And maybe she was interrupting me because I am simply that weak at playing the keyboard.

I constantly discover something puzzling at her home when I see her. Last time, I discovered several books on penny stocks on her cocktail table. My grandma learning about penny stock trading? That’s bizarre. I wonder what I will encounter on her coffee table this week.

This week will make for a busy sojourn. I must install her fresh Emtek door knobs and air conditioner filters then repair her garden cart. I likewise need to bring her old pots and pans to charity because she just purchased a new set of pots and pans to replace them. As a reward, she claims to also have bought one of the best ice cream makers and the very best of all the electic coffee makers. I am thankful, yet I also have to chuckle as she invariably claims to have or utilize only the very best of this or that.

If all proceeds well, she will use both to serve me some delicious coffee at dawn and ice cream in the evening. This sounds like more than pay back enough for my effort. I am happy to assist her for nothing, but a little rich coffee and creamy ice cream does not bother me.